Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Shining pansys trimmed in golden lace

Once again, I want John Clare to welcome in the new month.  In his 'June' (The Shepherds Calendar), he speaks of 'the timid maid' who
"Seeks her best flowers not those of woods and fields
But such as every farmers garden yields
Fine cabbage roses painted like her face
And shining pansys trimd in golden lace"

Soon the roses will be out.    And the English strawberries will be in the shops.  We have some shining pansies on the balcony, along with musk and lavender and geraniums.  But June has got off to a rainy start.  Audrey and I managed an hour on the doors this morning before we got too soggy, but we did find two people at home who we have been looking for for ages and had two very positive calls so that was great. We got lost in the private estates.

Nute and Pen left yesterday - sad to see them go - but we had a nice and productive weekend together.  I have already entered one competition with the start of my finished thriller and have two more competition entries - both short stories - to get done by the end of the week.

My challenge is to shrink 'Till'.  I have removed a thousand words so far, but there are two thousand more to go. And I am not a very verbose writer, i don't go in for description all that much, so I don't know if it can be done.

The troubles in the Middle East come very close to home. There was a local lady on the news worrying about her partner who was on the aid ship that was attacked.   I hope she will have some good news of him before the end of the day.

How much we all need to hear what our Creator has to tell us.   And how much I need to get out on those doors and try to get people to listen.

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