Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Wedding Day

It all went well and I was a proud Aunt of the Bridegroom.  A picture of Alex and Nadine should appear on this blog at some stage thanks to my resident computer expert Captain Butterfly.

It was grey and rainy all morning - but 30 minutes before the wedding the sun came out - and Nadine was able to walk through the park in the sunshine.   She looked lovely - but we knew she would.

The do went on till midnight, although I didn't last quite that long.

We stayed in an old hotel in the Spa town - Mary Queen of Scots apparently stayed there once - so you can have your evening drink in the Mary Wine Bar - the very bar where she would have ordered her evening Spritzers? - and the bride and groom stayed in the Mary Suite.

Ollie the dog joined the wedding party.  He had had a bath for the occasion - which he was not happy about - and a new collar and clip on bowtie.  I will see if Captain B has a picture of Ollie with the granddaughters for the blog
It was a lovely drive there and back through the Derbyshire Dales. Pen came back with us.

I kept thinking of the bridegroom at our wedding all those years ago.  He was a toddler then in a little suit and bow tie...

Who knows where the time goes?

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