Friday, 28 May 2010

Leonardslee at Last!

I think the photo attached to this blog will be the reserve at Warnham, as we went there in the afternoon so that Captain Butterfly could find some butterflies to photograph.

Leonardslee in the azalea/rhodedendron season is like paradise - see Pen's blog and the Captains for the photos.  And its so sad that its new buyer - a man so important that his name is not even being allowed into the public arena - is not going to welcome us, the public, there any more. 

You could spend days there, but we just did the Azalea and lake walks - and saw the wallabies.  The air smelt of honeysuckle and there were duckling and goslings everywhere - and baby wallabies.

We lunched at the George and Dragon - salads all round - and then on to Warnham where Captain B photographed some damsel flies pairing up.  It quite put me in mind of our student days - the days of our romantic courtship when Captain B used to flutter round in his shimmering Uni scarf and dazzle me.

Nute arrived this evening.   We had a chili beef dinner, followed by Anne's apple concrete and fresh pineapple and ice-cream.

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