Saturday, 26 June 2010

What I did in my holidays

Where to start?

Fell in love with Norfolk - the quietness of it all.  I have never been to the Broads or in the Fenland before.  Amazing to keep seeing the famous Swallowtail butterfly.  Every time it appeared a host of us middle aged paparazzi/groupies and our cameras materialised out of every reed bed and stood round it clicking away as it posed, or not, as the mood took it.  So much nicer than the Victorian way of catching it in a net, killing it, and pinning it in a glass case.

Captain Butterfly hurtled around, non stop, all day, with Mrs Captain Butterfly hobbling along behind plaintively uttering her distinctive call of "Are we there yet?"

I still haven't learnt that, when hunting butterflies, there is no there there.

But the Captain looked after me wonderfully well - he got us our tea every evening bar one.

I am going to ask him for some photos for my blog and then I will say something about my favourite places.

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