Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Duke of Fritillary

We went to Kithurst Hill yesterday, where it was rumoured that a butterfly recently only seen on the IOW had been sighted!  I cannot now remember what it was, but the Duke of Fritillary seems a good all round rare species name.  It was very hot - with a perfect cloudless blue sky.  It was a perfect summer day.

We didn't find that one, but if you look at the Captain's Log you will see he did find some interesting others.  

Very hot today too.  Jean and I worked some new territory and we each placed a 'What Does the Bible Really Teach?' book.  My book was placed with a lovely young Asian girl with a lovely name - and she asked if she could have a contact number for me as she is worried we won't find her in again as she works shifts.

It was so nice to find someone like her.  She seemed really thrilled that we had come to her door and bought the book.

We are now off to Jacks for dinner.

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