Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Queen of Months

John Clare, on May, from The Shepherd's Calendar:

"Come queen of months in company
 Wi all thy merry minstrelsy
The restless cuckoo absent long
And twittering swallows chimney song
And hedgerow crickets notes that run
From every bank that fronts the sun
And swathy bees about the grass
That stops wi every bloom they pass..."

Its a good year for the swathy bee, and the dandelion.  We went to the Roundstone yesterday and got some more orchids for our round table.  There was blossom everywhere, and tulips, and dandelions.  And the new fresh green leaves of May.  Though today is grey, with rain showers.

But it is a Bank Holiday.

We picked up Jacks from the shop yesterday and went back to her place and got a Thai takeaway.

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