Friday, 30 April 2010

The road is long...

Went back to our Saturday territory, this time with Louise, a young pioneer sister.  Jean and I only managed about half of it, its such a big map.  We got back to all the Not at Homes and found a few people in - and a couple mildly interested, who we can call back on.  It was a lovely day - perfect blue sky, blossom everywhere, and rather a cold wind.

A Paradise earth day in many ways.

I am looking out over a turquoise English Channel as I write this, and its all frilled with little white waves.  A quiet night in (I hope).   We have been invited over to Jackie's for a Thai meal tomorrow night.

I must find John Clare's Shepherd's Calendar and chose some lines to start May off with.

The millenium is fairly hurtling along.

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