Monday, 10 May 2010

Catch up - and the earwig poem

I have been grounded by my arthritis recently so not done much.  But Jacks came for dinner on the 8th - roast chicken, carrot cake and icecream - and I did get out with Jean on the Saturday morning - more interesting work on our long long road. But i missed the meeting on Sunday - feet and hands too swollen to drive.
We - Captain B, Jackie and me - had a walk in the bluebell woods this afternoon.  Just a short one, due to my feet. But, not many yards from the carpark we found the most wonderful stretch of bluebell wood - a photo should be attached.  It was another glimpse of the Paradise earth to come - and I hope we have bluebell springs 'to time indefinite' stretching ahead of us.   Bea is back from her trip up North, and says she has a lot to tell us.  Got an email with photos from the Oz branch today. They have inherited two rather lovely cats from friends - the children must be thrilled.  It set me thinking of all our family pets - from childhood on.  And I was thinking about Sally - my sister's rescue dog. She died many years ago, but still remains along with Suzie and Shadow one of the most special dogs I have known.


Sally met an earwig
And said ‘Come out to play”
The earwig said “I’m busy”
Sally said “Please stay”
She put her nose down hopefully
The earwig said her Nay
She did her play bob at it
But still it walked away
At this she got quite angry
And thumped it with her paw
The earwig fought her desperately
Then rushed across the floor
But Sally was upon it
With a snapping of the jaw
As the earwig gamely struggled
With its little legs and claws
At this point the situation
Got us on the raw
It began to seem like tragedy
A comic farce no more
So with heroism worthy of a bomb disposal corp
Danuta caught the earwig
Rushed it safely out the door.

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