Thursday, 6 May 2010

Butterflies - what do they know?

We went to a Butterfly Meadow this morning - see the Captain's log for pictures.   Please note:  A Butterfly Meadow.     There was not a butterfly in sight.  It was carpeted with cowslips - the Duke of Burgundy butterfly's favourite plant (apparently) - but not a Duke of B in sight.  There were loads and loads of quite large black flies sort of hanging in the air.  Mayflies?   Although I had an idea that they were small.    But not a Butterfly to be seen.  Not even a rabbit to run away from me with flattering speed like last time.

However, when we got to the carpark the place was swarming with them - butterflies not rabbits.

Perhaps they can't read the signs?

It was a beautiful May morning though.   The green on the trees is so new.  I was watching it all and wondering how it would be if the Captain and I are still on the earth a thousand years from now (as I hope we will be) and if so, will we come back on an early May morning to find the spot where we saw the butterflies today.

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