Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The brazen hussy and the Orchid

That could almost be a Barbara Cartland bodice ripper title. 

Bea's orchid is more splendid than ever - and the brazen hussy, still very small, is coming into its own. I was on the balcony yesterday morning, getting my dose of sunshine and doing my study, and the sun was shining on the Brazen one.  Its leaves are almost black and very delicate and they shone and sparkled like little jewels in the sunlight.  If we had a stately home, with grounds, so that many gardens were a possibility, I think I would like a Moonlight garden, with lots of white flowers - and fragrant night flowers - and maybe a whole bed of Hussies.  Then I could see if their leaves would shine silver in the moonlight.

I missed the group this morning - bad night - not able to get ready in time - but managed to get out for an hour on returns.  Still haven't caught up though - so hard to find people at home.

Captain Butterfly is at home today!

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