Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Nobody home

Audrey and I did return visits this morning - but nobody was home.  Audrey did manage to deliver one set of May magazines though.   I took her to the bank, and the traffic was awful - because of the Bank Holiday we suppose.   I have arranged to pick up Jean tomorrow morning and we will work on our large map and see if we can get it finished.  Well, we won't get the 'not homes' finished for sure.

Captain B was off with Neil and the Butterfly herds.   He couldn't share his packed lunch with Neil today, as i had made him ham sandwiches.   I will have to go back to cheese, as Neil always shares those.  I think he must be veggie.  He did share his cake though.

Cheese.... or what?

Would butterfly tongue pate be a sensitive sandwich filling alternative under the circs?

Call it a woman's intuition if you will, but i think not.

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