Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Where is Perry?

No sign of Perry. I hope he hasn't gone and flown out of one of the windows, as its getting a bit cold out there now.

Two things of interest from the lovely Scottish Colourists Exhibition at the Pallant House Gallery

"A Vase of Pink Roses" (my favourite painting in the Exhibition, above) by Samuel John Peploe had this quote from him written underneath:

"There is so much in mere objects, flowers, leaves, jugs, what not - colours, form, relation - I can never see mystery coming to an end."

Yes. Sometimes I come across people on the doors who will say that they wouldn't want to live forever on the earth as they would be bored.

But even with things as they are now - subjected to futility, the 'original serpent' still in the garden - life is endlessly fascinating, full of wonders. The older I get, the more interesting it all is.

So what will it be when Paradise is restored?! Never boring, that is for sure.

Then there was a bust: Eastre, a Hymn to the Sun, by John Duncan Fergusson.

It was described as a "homage to the so-named Saxon goddess of Spring."

Yes. Eastre, Easter - the Saxon goddess of Spring - originally Ishtar, the Babylonian fertility goddess? - who has a festival with the attendant eggs and rabbits.

Is that something a Christian can celebrate? And in any case the Christian Greek Scriptures ask us to memorialise Jesus' death, not his resurrection.

Bea left today - the Captain ran her to the bus stop, and she has emailed to say she has got back safely and settling down to a boiled egg supper. We hope to see her again in November.

We have had a quiet day - I caught up with my ironing and studying.

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