Monday, 5 October 2009

Sweet Georgie Fame and sons

The Captain, Jacks and I went to see Georgie Fame on Saturday night. He had his two sons playing with him, and they were good. A fun concert. Some lovely jazz and blues, and some old favourites. He is 66 apparently.

It only seems just yesterday... the usual refrain...

We are doing a series of studies about the promise of everlasting life on earth - the prospect that was held out to and rejected by our first parents, but which Jehovah is still offering to us.

So sixty six is really no age at all, if you think that we were originally made to last forever.

It is chilling how the truth has been turned on its head. The Bible speaks clearly of the prospect of living forever on the earth. For example, Jesus told us, simply and clearly enough, that the meek will inherit 'the earth' - not heaven.

And also there is the way hell has been pictured as a place of torment, presided over by Satan, a pantomime figure in red tights. Yet, according to the Bible, hell is simply the ground, the grave, where the dead sleep in complete unconsciousness, awaiting a resurrection into the restored earthly Paradise.

It is a place Satan never was, never is, and never will be.

Its raining today - a gentle rain, the Channel is a bit wavy. And our geraniums are blazing away on the balcony - the grey weather seems to make them shine out. A little glimpse of the Paradise to come.

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