Monday, 26 October 2009

Perry (not) at Brandy Hole Reserve

I was out today with Captain Butterfly at the Reserve, we were looking for the rare Something Butterfly which has apparently been spotted there. We didn't find it, but at one point the Captain called out 'Its a Perry!", which had me fighting my way through the briars to see if it was himself.

But it wasn't. Not even a Perry. Much too small.

It was a beautiful Autumn afternoon. We sat by the pond for ages, watching the light on the trees and the Autumn colours, thinking how wonderful it is to be retired. And how strange it is that we are both in our sixties now.

We don't feel any different inside - just more and more fascinated by this wonderful world.

We swam this morning, and my day was absolutely made by a wonderful fellow swimmer who stopped to chat and told me that he didn't think I looked old enough to be retired.

'What a smoothie', said the Captain, when I told him.

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