Saturday, 17 October 2009

Sultana muffins

Was out on the doors this morning with Sue. Had a real struggle with myself to make myself go, but am very glad i did. We did some return visits and we did our share of the current map.

Captain Butterfly is much better and we managed a walk to the pier and back with him only having to rest once. So he is off for the day tomorrow and for the first time in ages I found myself making a lunch box.

Which is why I had to find a sultana muffin recipe on the net, so he would have some cake with his cheese and chutney sandwich. They have turned out rather well. The recipe I found also used up Bea's soy milk.

He is going to make some more chutney as we have opened the last jar. We do have Linda's on standby though, but it has to wait till next month before we are supposed to open it.

I finished my Ruth Rendell - an early one - 'A Wolf to the Slaughter' - a good read. I did guess how did it, but not all the details and it was fun getting there.

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