Saturday, 24 October 2009


Maggie and Audrey came round yesterday morning and we watched the David DVD - produced by the Watchtower Society. It was even better than the Noah one (which was great) and left Maggie in tears and me rather misty eyed.

It ends with a depiction of the coming reunion between Jonathan and David in the resurrection into the restored earthly Paradise.

She of course thought of her husband, and I who have Captain Butterfly still with me (thank Goodness), thought of my aged parents, and of seeing them again.

Jacks came round in the evening, we had drinks and nibblies (inlcuding hot sausage rolls as it suddenly seems Wintery). And had a great evening with lots of laughing, which put our current troubles - and we all have them - into perspective.

Its very grey and rainy this morning, I can hardly make out where the Channel ends and the sky begins. And it is all beautiful and glorious and awe-inspiring, reflecting as it does the matchless qualities of its Grand Creator, Jehovah.

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