Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Perry's diet

Perry fluttered down onto the Captain's porridge yesterday morning. I was wondering what he was finding to eat, and hoping it wasn't our new wool carpet. I was even wondering if I would have to go out and buy a ball of the finest wool, cut it up, and leave it out in saucers, to tempt him away from the carpet just in case.

And I was touched to notice that Captain Grumpy has left a little saucer of honey out for him - on the kitchen window ledge, as he is favouring the kitchen window at the moment.

I only hope he doesn't try to fly out as I think it will be too cold for him now, plus there are a lot of birds out there.

The next step is obviously going to be a visit to the local pet shop for a Moth Hutch.

And talking of diets Bea took us out for lunch at the local yesterday. We all had fish and chips - excellent it was too. And in the evening we grazed on the left over puddings from our Sunday lunch, when Jacks came round.

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