Saturday, 5 September 2009

Autumn has landed

Weather changed abruptly - stormy sea - fierce rainshowers - lovely light. Autumn is my favourite season - but how quickly these years are flying by. Is someone shortening them?

The Captain is still hobbling about on his walking stick - and the butterfly season is over.

Jacks is back! She came round for drinks and nibbles last night - and we are invited over for lunch tomorrow.

Linda came over for the day this week, with lots of homemade jam and chutney for us. I am having her Sussex picked blackberry jam with my breakfast toast. She and Nick and looking at houses.

I did go out with Maggie and we did some return visits, but I feel very guilty as I did not go out this morning - I shopped and have dozed and slept all day. I think maybe all the weeks of broken nights have got to me - the poor old Captain has been finding it very hard to sleep.

Pen is signing the three of us up for a writers week in Wales next year. She should have her first thriller published by then .

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