Monday, 7 September 2009

A quiet day

A beautiful day too - the perfection of Autumn. Its 7.30 in the evening and the Channel is fading from blue to grey.

We got the sad news yesterday that a friend of ours in Saudi has cancer. i sent her off a card today and hope to get a letter done this week. Its hard to think of any practical ways to help from here. She is a beautiful American nurse, known to the Captain and his friends as 'the blonde bombshell'.

I got the Captain's painkillers from the Pharmacy, and did some housework and cooked, but that was about it. We had a tofu and veggie stir fry this evening.

We had a lovely afternoon round at Jackie's yesterday, and met all the family, and the corner house friend (at last!).

I long for the time on the earth that Jehovah has promised us - when "no resident will say: 'I am sick'". And I plan to be out with Audrey tomorrow morning, trying to alert others to these promises

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