Friday, 25 September 2009

The Captain's back on line

A quiet day, which is all we can cope with at the moment. I went with the Captain to his physio this morning, then we shopped, and he chose some food - was quite picky about it, insisting on strawberry blancmange and lemon jelly. So he is feeling much better. He hasn't eaten for days. I did my WT study, and we spoke to Bea and to Audrey on the phone, and I emailed Linda about her house buying. We then went out again! Dizzy excitement. To the Farm Shop, as Captain Fussy wouldn't have supermarket cheese or bread. I also picked up some nice looking pears and we got some pasties. When we got to the checkout, we found all the computers had broken down and they couldn't take credit cards. Thankfully, we just managed to scrape enough cash together.

We are now looking forward to Strictly Come Dancing.

The Captain's personality is definitely coming back on line - which is quite scarey - but also a wonderful relief.

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