Saturday, 19 September 2009

Strictly - the Return

We - Bea, the Captain and me - have been watching the new Strictly Come Dancing and all agree that Martina Hingis should not have been the first voted off.

We liked her, and thought her a great dancer.

It was a pretty quiet day. The Captain overdid it yesterday, but did manage a brief shop with Bea this morning while I was out on the field service.

We worked in a road that was easy to park on! That is always such a relief. And i worked with Jean. We had a lovely conversation with a lady from Zimbabwe - and met a young Polish guy. We did some of Jean's magazine calls. Ron, the brother taking the group, said he will work with me next week, so I hope we can as I think I will learn a lot. He is a very warm, people person, unlike me.

I always learn a lot from working with Jean. She too is very warm and people-centred - and above all God-centred. She said she so much hoped that the Captain would join us one day. And of course that is what I hope so much too.

It might seem impossible sometimes - but we know that love 'hopes all things'.

Had my first nightmare for many many years last night - but it turned out OK because I remembered to call out to Jehovah for help in the middle of it. What a difference that makes.

Yet another of the many many reasons why I wish I could get through to people on the doorsteps.

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