Friday, 18 September 2009

The Captain at Swanbourne Lake

We all went to Swanbourne Lake for lunch today - a very good lunch too. Bea and I fed the swans, ducks, coots, you name its (in flocks) while the Captain and his walking stick rested on a nearby bench. We then drove into Arundel, and Bea and I shopped while the Captain and his walking stick rested... well, you know the rest.

I bought H.G.Well's 'Love and Mr.Lewisham' at the bookshop at the bottom of the hill, and am enjoying it. Mr.Lewisham and Ethel are just starting out married life with hardly a penny to their name and i only hope it works out well for them.

Wells gives an interesting description of the Thames in winter:

"The Tower Bridge with its crest of snow, huge pendant icicles, and the ice blocks choked in its side arches.... the along either shore, and with drift-ice in the middle reflecting a luminous scarlet from the broad red setting sun..."

Would this be a winter he remembered from his childhood I wonder, or a standard winter at the time?

I am not sure we have even begun to understand the immense patterns of the weather.

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