Sunday, 30 August 2009

What I did in my holidays

We are back from our trip up North - got back very late on Friday night and were exhausted. Lovely to see everyone, but the Captain was so ill he could do very little. Thank goodness the athletics were on telly so he could sit and watch those. I wasnt too well myself by the end of the week.
I have made an apple and plum crumble with some of the sackloads of fruit we brought back with us and am, in theory, going to have a go at Crab Apple Jelly.
I got to the Kingdom Hall this morning for a wonderful talk and Watchtower study. And Maggie and I have made plans to go out on Tuesday and do return visits. I have so many to get to now, as I have been away.
Jacks should be back from Spain this weekend.
Our balcony flowers have survived fine - although there doesnt seem to have been much rain down here. In fact the ivy geraniums are doing so well I only hope they haven't swallowed a window cleaner or two.
Is it safe to leave them unsupervised?!

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