Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Peach Blossom Moth

Peach Blossom, Thyatira batis
Our beautiful visitor last night was a Peach Blossom moth.  It had parked itself happily under our balcony light and posed nicely for Captain B.
Peach Blossom
I think I have blogged before about the beautiful names of moths.

Yesterday we took Jacks for a Waitrose shop and brought back coffees and had them together.  Today, health and weather permitting, Jean and I will be off on the field service.

My main preoccupation the last few days has been my own health. How right the Bible is about "three score years and ten".  How right it is about everything, thank God, or what would I have to look forward to, what hope would I have?

I now have extra meds to take and am glumly awaiting the call from my GP about my repeat blood test, which I am sure will not have been good.

Apart from shopping and providing a roast chicken dinner, yesterday was a day of little accomplished.  I didn't even start my studying for the week. I think I just slept and slept, exhausted by one shopping trip and one cooking session.

I have been re-reading Joyce Maynard's "At Home in the World".   Now that would be something to blog about, but I think it would be a very depressing blog. Its a sad story she has to tell.

But then aren't most people's lives sad, seen in retrospect?   How can we be truly happy cut off from our Creator, Jehovah?

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