Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The Egg and I

The week reverses in retirement.  Most of my life I have dreaded Monday morning, as it meant either back to school or back to work.   But now, my weekend is a busy time, and I try to keep Monday quiet. Its nice not to have to rush off anywhere.

Not that my weekend was that busy exactly, but everything tires me now.  Jean and I did our calls on Saturday morning.  There was hardly anybody at the group as the families are on holiday.   Sunday I went to the meeting in the morning. We had a reversal of the usual order - Watchtower study first, Public talk second - as our speaker was first delayed and then couldn't make it in time. So one of our local brothers took over and he did a brilliant job.  The talk he gave was about our place within Jehovah's organisation. And he used an egg and an eggbox as a rather vivid illustration.

He pointed out that the eggs in the egg box are kept in an upright position - the reason being that this makes them able to take a lot of pressure.  He demonstrated by squeezing the egg between his hands (in eggbox position) VERY STRONGLY.  It made me quite nervous for our Kingdom Hall carpet, as he was squeezing the egg so hard, and I learnt my physics in The Laboratory Where the Laws of Physics were Suspended.

Our teacher, Mrs F, would say. "Now girls for a practical demonstration of the laws of physics, I shall drop this apple and we shall see how it falls to the...Oh...(we watch as apple floats to lab ceiling).. well, write in your exercise books that it fell to the floor."   (I was utterly useless at physics and probably can't blame the lab - all I can remember about it is that iron filings do something, if you do something to them.)

However all was sane and sensible at the Kingdom Hall and the gallant egg withstood the pressure.Then the Speaker put it in a jiffy bag, carefully sealed, put it on its side and crushed it with a little light pressure from his hand.

The lesson is obvious.  If we stick close to Jehovah, if we stay where he asks us to be, we will be able to resist all the pressure the world puts on us.  If we don't, we are so vulnerable.

Simple, but true. Where would I be without this constant, clear and gentle teaching?

Thanks to Betty Macdonald, whose book title I borrowed for my blog. Its well worth a read - fascinating and very funny.

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