Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Butterfly of the Baskervilles

I am now kicking myself that I did not make a butterfly the hero of my upcoming Dive Thriller, "Waiting for Gordo". It has an insect protagonist, who plays an important role, but its a very unglamorous insect indeed.   However it did come to my rescue many years ago, at a very tricky moment.

We belong to Butterfly Conservation now - and maybe I would have had a whole market ready and waiting for me if I had transformed my gallant rescuer into a Butterfly.  A Purple Emperor perhaps? They are fierce little creatures, who have been seen chasing birds away from their treetop.

The insect that came to my rescue has no Conservation Societies devoted to it. Rather the reverse in fact.

To write "Small Island" as it was originally called, I borrowed an Agatha Christie plot, "And then there were None", and put my divers on an island, where, one by one, they begin to disappear.

So I am wondering, if I am to write a follow up, is there another plot I could borrow - and put a Butterfly in it?

The Butterfly of the Baskervilles will be a fearsome creature that glows in the dark and makes a dead set at the new incumbent of Baskerville Hall - now Baskerville Hall Hotel   Given what Purple Emperors feed on, it will make quite a good match with the Giant Glowing Hound it will be sharing Grimpen Mire with.

We were out on the field service this morning - four of us - and had coffee at Waitrose afterwards. We had a good morning, though did not find many in. It was such a beautiful day - blues skies, mountainous fluffy white clouds, and a feeling of Autumn in the air.

I visited Maggie yesterday, in the rain.  And came back to find that Captain Butterfly had been called away on a search for a missing despondent.  Sadly they were not able to find him in time.

The world system we live in is such a sad one.  We need the coming rescue - the Kingdom of God - so badly.

The dead will not be forgotten then.

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