Thursday, 17 August 2017

The Captain Cooks!

What did i do yesterday?   ... made another batch of cakes for the freezer - for the packed lunches - and dead-headed the balcony flowers.  I found it depressingly difficult to do the deadheading owing to being so crippled in my left arm.   Jean and I got to see Maggie in the afternoon and got 2 weeks worth of a warm and loving welcome.   The Captain and I shopped this morning - Waitrose  - and I was out on the field service with one of the young pioneers this afternoon.  She is just back from a week's Pioneer Training Course and is really built up.

And the Captain will have his chef's hat on tonight as he cooks us a steak supper.  He does not trust me to cook steak (rightly so too, I like my meat very very well done - not a cheffy well done, but a proper well done.)  I am his sous-cook though and have laid the table and prepared and cut up the onions, mushrooms and tomatoes which will accompany the steak

And we have a bowl of fresh cherries for afters.  Waitrose have beautiful cherries in at the moment and I am doing some intensive research into whether or not it is possible to die of cherry poisoning.

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