Monday, 28 August 2017

Fog in The Channel

Shocking pictures of Houston this morning, all horribly reminiscent of Hurricane Katrina - people stranded on rooftops in a world that has turned into a sea.  Was no evacuation organised?  Or did people just not want to leave their homes (which I can understand)?

How is a rescue being organised?  I was thinking of Dunkirk, which my mother told me about, when a government call went out for everyone with a boat, no matter how small, to set off for the coast of France and rescue as many of the trapped British soldiers as they could.   And a brave little flotilla of small boats set off and did rescue many.  I think one of my great uncles may have been involved. He did sail, and certainly had a boat, or boats, off and on.  But he also wrote children's books, and one was called "Fog in the Channel", so I might be confusing fact with fiction there.

 "Fog in the Channel, by Percy Woodcock (Nelson, 7/6) relates stirring adventures by sea, beginning with a collision in the fog when two schoolboys board a mysterious vessel supposed to be on secret service."

I can only hope plenty of rescuers are on their way. But what a mess we are all in.  And how much we need the Kingdom of God.

The account of Jesus calming the dangerous storm on the sea of Galilee has been preserved for us to this day, in the most widely distributed book in the world. Doesn't it show us what he can and will do when he is ruling over the earth, as the King of Jehovah's Kingdom?

All of nature will return to the beautiful harmony it had in Eden, before our first parents disobeyed, and when they had nothing to fear.

Just three of us for Waitrose coffee yesterday afternoon, one of them a Bible student who comes every week to the Sunday meeting, and sits there just drinking it in.  Drinking in the teaching first, the coffee later.

The talk was about the march of the world powers, as set out in Daniel, and we talked a bit about that. Then I rushed back thinking Linda of Arabia was on her way over.  However, she has had a change of plan and will now be coming today - or possibly some time this week. I am wondering if she has something she wants to talk over with Captain Butterfly, only I warned her he would not be in yesterday.

He taught her to dive many years ago, and she often likes to talk things over with him.

He was out treasure hunting.  But found no Viking hoards, or hoards of any description. Apart from the Ring Pull hoards of course.   That Ringpull tribe certainly got through a lot of fizzy drink.

I had quite a busy week. Jean and I were out on Tuesday - had a good morning and have return visits to make next month.   We went to our regular return visit - well its almost a doorstep study now - in Angmering; and I was out with the group on Saturday morning, working quite close to home.  It was a beautiful morning, but very hot and humid.  Jean and I also visited Maggie - our usual Wednesday afternoon, and got our usual warm welcome. She had even registered that we were a bit late.

I am now on Statins - both of us are.  Along with my bp meds.  Doctor M warned me that the Statins can cause joint pains. Oh, I said, my joints hurt all the time nowadays so I don't suppose I will notice.

That has turned out to be a foolish remark.   ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch

There is no fog on The Channel today.  Not even a sea fret.

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