Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Chemical Fog on the Channel

Queen of Spain Fritillary ♂, Issoria lathonia
Just after I posted yesterday's blog, Captain B came rushing through to tell me about this:

So there was kind of chemical smog on The Channel that morning...  but why and where it came from I do not know.

Yesterday was a sunny Bank Holiday - so very busy on the Coast   The crowds included Captain Butterfly who went rushing off in the direction of the chemical Cloud because a Queen of Spain Fritillary had been seen in that direction.

I expect he would go over Niagara Falls in a barrel if a rare butterfly had been seen at the bottom - and he could guarantee to keep his cameras dry.

All have survived - people hit by the Cloud, the butterfly (see the photo), and, thank God. Captain Butterfly himself.  He was back with photos of the beautiful Beast, but we have to acknowledge that Neil has got the best one so far.  The Butterfliers were out in force apparently, pushing aside chemical Clouds, Blobs from Outer Space, and alien Spaceships to get to their lovely target.
Queen of Spain Fritillary ♂
And how good it is that they no longer net them and pin them to boards, but take photographs instead - of butterflies that is, not Alien Blobs (they have no interest in such things).

I had a quiet day at home - housework, study, dozing in front of the telly, being dazed when Captain B's return woke me up, and getting supper - bacon, eggs and things.

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