Thursday, 27 July 2017

You Can't Go Home Again

Nadine found the version of the Nabbs Cottage sales brochure with slides, so I was able to look inside. Something I have longed to do for 50 years.    But apart from the front hall and the proportions of the lovely drawing room, I would not have known it.  Which is not to be wondered at after all this time.

It is state of the art as far as kitchens and bathrooms go and will be a lovely family home for someone.

The enormous gilt mirror that stood over the drawing room fireplace at Nabbs is in front of me as I type. It saw me as a young child, and a teenager. Now it sees an elderly lady.  Sylvia Plath said it beautifully in her poem "Mirror".

Now the poor old mirror sees a terrible fish.

Yesterday was a medical day - two appointments in the morning, one with the doctor, one for my routine blood test.  He is worried about my blood pressure which is suddenly very high and I have to take it twice a day for a week. I am now so worried about that that I can feel it getting higher by the moment and am half expecting not to wake up.

But we - Jean and I - had a lovely time with Maggie yesterday.   My car was still sick. so the Captain kindly fetched and carried us.  He offered, I didn't ask.  And when we got there we found that David and Carol were already there, so we had quite a fun time, lots of laughing, which Maggie really seemed to enjoy.

The Captain went off to get some Everlasting Pea (see his current blog) to try to tempt the arriving Long Tailed Blues to have a Service Station stop on our balcony.

Now I am off to meet Jennifer at the Kingdom Hall and we begin the long march to Angmering.

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