Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Nabbs Cottage

My childhood paradise, Nabbs Cottage, has just appeared in cyberspace as being up for sale.  The back has changed so much, I would not have recognised it.  The grass slope and the big trees have gone.  And the asking price!   My granny would faint if she were alive to see it.

It is clearly still a family home, which is wonderful. And I hope another family will be very happy there.

The tiling is still in the Hall.

I don't know how long the link will last. But it gives me a strange feeling to see it.  Now that I am in my Seventies, the past, the feelings of the past, sometimes come back very strongly. But they do call it a second childhood.

I have set my next thriller ( if I get it finished) in Nabbs Cottage.

Lilian and I had a chat on the phone yesterday - she wanted to let me know that she had got the Convention Programme I sent her.   She still talks to the JWS quite regularly but does not feel equal to going to the meetings. I have asked her to pray about it.

And this morning Mark managed to lift his head above his paperwork and he and Captain B are trying to decide whether to have a day out together The problem is should it be seasonal butterflying, or early fungi-ing.   Problem still unresolved as I type this.

I would usually be on the door to door work with Jean but my car is in hospital. So it will be a housework, studying and lots of resting day.  I have a week of medical appointments coming up - gloom gloom. And I hope that Jean and me can get over to see Maggie tomorrow. It depends on the car situation, though possibly Captain B might take us.

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