Friday, 21 July 2017

The LandMark Evening

Thursday night I had to turn my lights on as I drove back from the Kingdom Hall... didn't expect to have to do so so soon.  That is a landmark in the year.  The next thing will be having to turn them on as I drive there.  The years hurtle by faster, and faster and faster.

The Brighton Convention was great, very encouraging, but also very tiring.   I was in a complete daze on Tuesday morning and managed to drive Jean and me to the wrong road. And, frighteningly, I can't explain why I did it.  She was very reassuring, and kind, since it meant a lot of unnecessary walking for her...  Being in the death zone now I worry so much that Dementia might be setting in.

She said it was just exhaustion.   And then when I went to the Kingdom Hall last night, I met another sister, a little bit younger than me, who said that she was in such a daze of tiredness since the weekend that she didn't know which was was up.   That was oddly reassuring.

I haven't done a lot else this week, just housework, studying and sleeping.

Had a long long talk with Anne of The Cape on Skype today. I wish we still lived in the same town.

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