Saturday, 29 July 2017

Dan, Dan, the Butterfly Man,

And Neil, Neil too, but I can't find a butterfly rhyme for that.

They both do so much for the world of butterfly.

Spent yesterday at the hospital as I had my routine 6 months appointment in Rheumatology. They were running over an hour late, but they are extremely busy.

I am feeling the force of the Bible's warning that "death reigns as king over us" more and more.  This has been a bad week.  My blood pressure is not good, nor is my cholesterol  (and possibly my blood sugar - I have to do a fasting test next week).   I have never had problems with any of those things before, but suddenly I do.

At least my Rheumatologist was happy with me and my blood test results apart from the cholesterol one - but I think he was impressed that I already have the re-test appointment made.  My GP is on the case!

Jean and I were out on the work today on our own, as the group is in Arundel this month.  It is a chance for us to try and catch up on our returns and magazine route calls, as we are always behind.  We got a lot done, though I didn't find any of mine at home.

The Captain is at home today watching the swimming. I had just enough veggie soup left for lunch - and we will having pizza and a glass of wine tonight - with Jackie, IF she is up to it.

She isn't. She just phoned. Its all very worrying.

And also "the world" is busy going beyond satire. We have riots in London, as lawlessness increases - and this gem from Cambridge Uni:

"The student head of a Cambridge equality group has claimed that "all white people are racist" amid violent protests in London."

The Inspired Scriptures warn us about "the wisdom of the world".  And how right they are.

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