Tuesday, 11 July 2017

A Visitor from Madeira

Marsh Dowd, Blastobasis rebeli
We had a visitor whose ancestors came from Madeira on our balcony for a couple of evenings - a Marsh Dowd. Its a bit of a Goth, lookswise. And we are so glad we provided a B & B when it needed one.

It was quite like old times, having Jackie round on Friday night for our Anniversary.  Not just that it was routine for us to have supper together at the weekend before she became so ill - but also that it was impromptu.  We hadn't planned it, it just sort of happened. Which is how things used to work on Planet Expat.

We have watched some great tennis since then.  And they moved the Field Service to the Kingdom Hall on Saturday morning so that we could get on with distributing all the invitations to the upcoming Convention.   Jean and I managed to cover our assigned territory with the help of another JW family.

We also called on Tony. Who said to me that I should never go out in the sun.  It was a very very hot day. And he is quite right, I shouldn't. And only do so when I have to. Such as delivering his magazine.

We hope to have one more go at the invites this morning.  It is cloudy, for the first time in days, but no rain yet.

We do need some, as our Green is now a Brown.

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