Tuesday, 4 July 2017

A Rosy Footman

Rosy Footman, Miltochrista miniata
On the balcony one night last week - this exquisite creature!

On Saturday morning the Captain left early in his hunt for the butterfly and moth herds, and I felt as if I had just come through a long and serious illness. And wanted to stay in bed.  But  I remembered Jean's maxim when she doesn't feel like going out - get yourself ready then see how you feel. So I did - and off we went, and did a full morning, with some very interesting calls, including a cup of tea with a very nice and interesting Irish chap.

On Sunday morning the Captain's alarm clock went off at 5.00 a.m.  I am only just recovering.   But the meeting was great and I managed to do a couple of calls afterwards - one to Crystal who along with her family leaves for a new life abroad in a few days. And I called in to Waitrose to get Jackie's shopping.  It was really hot.

Today the team of Jean and Sue tottered round a rather swish housing estate, leaving invites, and meeting some very pleasant people, one of whom asked Jean what it was that decided her to become a Jehovah's Witness - after he had established that neither of us had JW parents. Jean is from the Protestant wing of Christendom and I am from the Catholic wing.  And we both had such a surprise when we found out what the Bible actually says.

A wonderful surprise.

Our balcony continues to be moth city, and also provides many lovely surprises, such is the beauty and variety of the creation.

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