Monday, 1 May 2017

Supper without Jackie

Jackie was not well on Sunday so we had our chile evening without her...  not the same at all.   We watched the snooker, the first part of the final, between Selby and Higgins.  Against form, Higgins is in the lead.

Now I am trying to cast my mind back over the vast reaches of a whole weekend and think what we did.

Captain B, with his Detectorist hat on, had a couple of interesting finds at the dig on Sunday. He is at the computer next to me researching them at the moment. They will appear on his blog in time.  And we went to the wedding reception of one of his colleagues in SUSSAR on Saturday night.

It was held at the Crowne Plaza Felbridge Hotel, East Grinstead,  Nice venue, the bride looked every bit as lovely as the bride should,  and they put on a very good do.  In fact the buffet was so good, I was just hobbling back to get another plateload when Captain Butterfly came surging along saying it was time to go and swept me off to the carpark. He had an early start in the morning.

I sulked all the way home.  Or at least I would have, but, wisely, Captain Butterfly pays no attention to that sort of thing, so there is no point.

I posted a poem on facebook, as there was rather a good cartoon doing the rounds about a lady drying her washing the trendy new low tech solar and windpowered way, i.e. hanging it on the washing line.  And that reminded me of my mother, and the mothers of her generation, who hung out their clothes to dry in all weathers.  And it also reminded me of a moment, an icy windswept New Year's day, when I must have been staying at the bungalow, that would have vanished in time if I hadn't memorialised it in a poem.

A Winter Washing Line
by me

Black trees rattle in the icy wind
Through gale-smashed panes, the greenhouse sings
Tights, shirts, tea-towels, bras and knicks
Dance to welcome Eighty-Six.

That must have been the winter my father's dilapidated greenhouse finally collapsed.

Jean and I had a great morning out in Angmering on Saturday.   We found some lovely people, and have quite a few return visits to make.   And I have the material for yet another in my daring adventure saga:  "I Drove to Angmering".   Though its almost getting routine now.  Amazing what we can do, when we do it for Jehovah.  Which is simply because he always helps us.

The meeting on Sunday was special, as we had an extra half hour watching this broadcast:

The Russian Courts have decided against us and the video takes us into the trial.  If you watch the video you can decide for yourself if it was a fair trial or a show trial.  We have been prosecuted under the new Religious Extremism laws.

Our Russian brothers and sisters were already having a hard time, but it will now get much worse. The State will take all our property there  - all our Kingdom Halls, our new Headquarters - and, as far as I can see, it will be illegal for us even to meet to talk about the Bible.

But the Society is appealing this decision.  And in the meantime, we can all see that a great witness is being given to Jehovah's name.

When he was on earth, Jesus said, of his Father, Jehovah:  "I have made your name known to them and will make it known,” - John 17:26

And, as the head of the Christian congregation, Jesus is still making his Father's name known.

It should be a quiet, yet busy, day today. With study and housework.

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