Thursday, 4 May 2017

The Waiting Game

Brimstone Moth, Opisthograptis luteolata
I took Jacks to the doctors on Tuesday - and we had such a long wait. We were there a couple of hours and we got to know everyone else there very well by the time it was Jackie's turn.  It's so worrying that the NHS seems to be stretched almost to breaking point.

I also got her some Waitrose shopping.  Not that she feels much like eating at the moment, but at least its there if she does.

And Jean and I had a lovely morning on the doors.  We couldn't work on the assigned territory as it turned out to be one of  those long long private roads - no public parking - so it would have been a long walk from where we could park the car to the territory - and Jean was tired even before we began. So we did calls instead.  Back to Angmering.

This is really taking all the thrill out my planned blockbusting adventure book: "I Drove to Angmering", as I seem to be doing it every day now.   If we all strolled up and down Everest every day, who would want to read books about it?

In fact, if all goes to plan, I am back to Angmering this morning - at which point my audience falls asleep - to do a couple of return visits.  But I don't want to be out too long as Bea arrives tomorrow and I still have some organising to do.  Plus it is the meeting tonight.

And having said all that I must remember to ask Jehovah in prayer that while driving to and from Mount Angmering this morning, nothing happens that would be at all worthy of inclusion in an adventure book. But it would be lovely if we could reach some hearts with the truth.

Christianity being called "the way of the truth".

The photo is of one of our mothy visitors who spend the night on our balcony.

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