Monday, 8 May 2017

Missing: Two Brain Cells

I am thinking of offering a reward to anyone who can find my missing brain cells - either of them.
I began Thursday night's meeting in classic style by being so busy talking to one of my sisters that I put my contribution for the world-wide work into the field service slips box.  I had to tell a couple of elders so they will know what to do with the money they find it, as we also have a box for our contributions towards keeping our Kingdom Hall up and running.

All contributions voluntary by the way.  We support ourselves by our voluntary donations, and are always grateful when those who take our literature contribute something, though we never ask. And I think everything can be downloaded free from our excellent website now anyway.

We trust in Jehovah to keep this vast preaching work going, as it was prophesied in his word.

And just before that I got in a panic as it turns out I had got my dates muddled (along with everything else) and had thought that we were entertaining the Corfu Butterfliers next Sunday.  However, they were coming this weekend, the day after the Brighton Branch.

So the Brighton Branch came for lunch on Saturday - pasta, salad, garlic bread, ice-cream and lemon drizzle cake.

More muddle occurred on Sunday,  in that one of our number (not me for once) got both time and flat wrong.   However, we did all manage to get together for a second Cooks lasagne lunch - with salad and garlic bread - a cheeseboard and many desserts,including the ice-creams from the day before.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves, and I now have a house full of flowers - including some beautiful tulips - and a fridge full of chocolates and leftovers.

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