Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Poison

Terrible terrible stories on the news.  A family concert in Manchester was attacked by a suicide bomber.  22 dead and counting.  Many injured. Many traumatised.  Children left without parents, parents without children.  

And an awful account of the torture and murder of Paul Pass. I could not read beyond the trial headlines, but he had to go through it.

The spirit of destruction and cruelty is flourishing.

And yesterday when sorting through old files, I found this poem by William Wantling


now, upon this awkward
ball of Mud
at certain times I see
despite the poison raging through my blood
all is ecstasy

It seems strangely appropriate.   What is the poison raging through our blood - and through our whole society?

The Inspired Scriptures explain it - teach us how to deal with it, without becoming poisoned or poisonous ourselves, and they assure us of a rescue.  Has the perfect advice in Psalm 37 ever been more timely?

And it also promises us this, that  "the meek will possess the earth, And they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace."

Exquisite delight in the abundance of peace - right here on the earth - for those of us who are meek towards our Creator, who will listen to him and obey him.

And the dead will not be forgotten at that time.

So the poet is right.  Even though he was (I assume) sick and dying, he could see there is ecstasy - not only in the breathtaking beauty of the world and the awe-inspiring universe we live in, but in the promise of more happiness ahead for us than we can now imagine.

I hope so much the bereaved families know this, or will come to know it. And that they know they will see their loved ones again.

Jean and I spent yesterday afternoon with Maggie, and Jennifer joined us.   And Jean and I had a good morning on the doors on Tuesday.   I am now trying to make myself get out to the Thursday field service group... I feel so tired, but the message is so urgent.

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