Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Meek

In "Slipstream", Elizabeth Jane Howard notes that one of her friends says that if the meek inherit the earth, she is leaving the planet.   And I was thinking about that when Jean and I were out on the doors yesterday- thinking about what Jesus meant when he said that the meek would inherit the earth.

He wasn't talking about a character trait, as such.  He was talking about those who are meek towards their Creator, who will be corrected by his word.  Some very forceful people are meek towards God's word, some quiet and yielding people are not.

We got talking to a very nice lady on the doorstep. She went to the local Protestant Church and wanted to tell us, kindly, why she did not agree with us.  She mentioned, for example, the idea of the immortal soul, in which she believes.

Jean pointed out, also kindly, that it is not a Bible teaching.    But God's word made no impression.  The lady had her own ideas. She was not meek towards God's word.  Not yet anyway.  We can all change

Jean and I did.

"We'll just zimmer off now", I said as a farewell to the group as we tottered across the road to our car, having finished the territory.   "No running!"  said the Elder in Charge.

So we ended on a fun note - plus with one regular call of Jean's on the way back.

Jackie came for supper last night.   I thought it was about time I tried something new, and, remembering how reliable Delia Smith's recipes are, I made a Paprika chicken. It seemed very dull and dismal till the end, when I added the green pepper and the sour cream. Then it came right, and though I say it myself as shouldn't, it was delicious. In any case, the credit goes to Delia, as I just followed her instructions.

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