Monday, 6 February 2017

Rugball and Footby

The Matches are on again... and Captain B is enthralled.  Its the Something Nations Cup and it does seem to be Rugball - or it may be Footby.  Anyway, he is enjoying it.  We had to warn Jacks we would be a little bit late for supper Saturday night as we could not come till the match had finished.

We had our usual happy evening with Jackie - lots of laughing - and a tasty supper of Moroccan chicken, mashed potatoes, and veggies, followed by ice-cream - and cheese and biscuits.

It was the meeting yesterday.  We were talking about Jehovah's undeserved kindness through the ransom sacrifice.   And how grateful we are for it.   It helped to get me out on a difficult call yesterday, to the husband whose wife died at Christmas.  It was her I used to call on. He is not keen on us JWs.   But he is completely bereft, stricken with grief, almost destroyed by it.

When Jean and I called with the January magazine, he couldn't even tell us what had happened, he was crying so hard.  I have been trying to do a letter and card ever since, and finally got it done.   There is always a worry that I might go and say exactly the wrong thing - something to make him feel even worse - without, of course, meaning to!

Anyway, encouraged by all I had heard at the meeting, and asking Jehovah for help, I drove over after I left the Kingdom Hall, knocked at his door, and waited. But no-one came, So I put the card and letter in the mailbox and was walking to the gate when the door suddenly opened.

He still wasn't able to say very much, but he shook my hand warmly.

I have told him that if he needs any help with shopping i can always drop him in something from the shops  on my way home, and i also said that Jean and I will be happy to talk to him, and/or to go on delivering the magazines should he want us to.  I would love him to come to know the truth. Nothing is more comforting. But, unless he will allow us...

Anyway, if he will let us help in some practical way we can hopefully do that.

The Captain was out treasure hunting yesterday with the Detectorists and his box of sandwiches.   He still hasn't found the lost treasure of Alfred the Great (if there is such a thing), but, one of these Sundays...

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