Sunday, 19 February 2017

A Recovery

Back to the Meeting this morning, and we went to Jack's for supper last night - roast chicken dinner, followed by cheesecake.  All scrummy.  Captain B left early for his Treasure Hunting and has had a long if unfruitful (treasure wise) day.

I feel washed out after days of pain, but relieved that I am getting back my arm.   Who was it said that you have to be brave to face old age?  But there is only one other alternative... and its one I can't help hoping we won't have to face at all.

Its the talk at the Wetland Trust tomorrow night.

And here is some great news from the Newsroom on;

NEW YORK—Upon completion of their new world headquarters in August 2016, Jehovah’s Witnesses received official recognition for the sustainable design of their new facility in Warwick, New York. The Green Building Initiative (GBI), an organization which offers environmental assessment and certification programs for commercial buildings, awarded the Witnesses the highest possible rating of Four Green Globes for all seven of their buildings that qualified for consideration.
Shaina Weinstein, senior director of engagement for GBI, states: “Out of 965 projects nationwide, only 64 buildings have received the highest rating of Four Green Globes. For Jehovah’s Witnesses to receive Four Green Globes for all seven of their buildings at Warwick is remarkable. This accomplishment represents a very high level of commitment to water, energy, and environmental efficiency.”

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