Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Sisters' Visit - and a Cold

River Arun from footbridge
We are having a Writer's Weekend -

 - hampered by my having gone down with a terrible cold - out of nowhere and overwhelming.  I haven't had a cold for ages.
Still we did manage an outing yesterday - a long leisurely lunch at the Arun View and a walk back along the river.  We were all tired afterwards and went to bed early.  We are older and it shows.

There are so many layers of memory going back for us. What must it be like when you have hundreds of years behind you?  And thousands?  Well, I hope we will be in the restored earthly Paradise to find out.

Anyway, my edits for Small Island are done - plus I have picked up on a couple of small but important changes I feel that I need to make and am running them past my siblings.  Fantastic Books editor has done an excellent job.  For example she has removed an exclamation mark which makes the sentence preceding it so much more powerful.

Captain Butterfly left early on his marshalling duties - earning money for SUSSAR - but he made us all breakfast before he left.

We will be making him roast chicken and veggies for this evening, and probably baked apple and custard to go with it.

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