Friday, 7 October 2016

The Circuit Overseer's Visit

The C.O is visiting our congregation this week, and he gave us our first talk on Tuesday.  I am going to try and make some sense of my notes from the excellent first talk he gave us.

I hope I will make it to the talk on Sunday... but my sisters are coming down for a writers weekend and I rarely see them, so it will depend perhaps on if they want to come to the Hall with me or not.

The team of Cathy and Sue rode out twice this week - on the door to door preaching work - with some interesting results.

Cathy found a young man just leaving for work - his father was giving him a lift and pulled up in his car as we arrived on the doorstep. So it was a very brief call. But enough for Cathy to find out that this young lad was very worried about what was happening in the world, and he gladly accepted some literature that pointed him to our excellent website:

She also spoke to another younger lad.  I couldn't see his face as I was standing at the bottom of the steps, but his body language was very teenagery and Keviny.  But he took the literature. And Cathy said that as she spoke to him, his eyes filled with tears.  He is deeply distressed about something. And Jehovah is "the God of all comfort", so we hope he will find that out.  She will call back on both.

And I am trying to find a few of the people I was talking to before my fall (shudder... the horror of which still haunts me and makes me want to stay at home in a box of cotton wool - it is thanks to Jehovah that I am out and about again) - where was I?  Yes, a couple we had a long talk with, back in June 15!   Never managed to find them again - and then had this terrible fall...  Anyway, I thought probably some of my siblings have talked to them since, but nevertheless I felt I ought to try myself.  They were not in.  But, because I was in their road, I called at a house I left a tract at back in June last year. I had managed to find them in one more time and left a magazine, but we had never really talked. The tract I think I had left with the mother, the magazine with the young daughter.

I only knocked at the door because we were walking past the house. Young girl opened door. Very pleased to see us, Took two magazines, one for her, one for her sister. This was on Wednesday. They said they planned to come to the meeting on Thursday night!    So we were able to tell them that this week the meeting was on Tuesday - because of the C.O. visit - but that they could come on Sunday. And we left them the meeting times.

This is another reason I would love to be there on Sunday, to see if they do come.

It was an effort for both Cathy and me to get out. Neither of us is young, neither of us is well. But how glad we are we did.  We feel we have been useful to Jehovah this week.  A small small thank you for all he does for us.

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