Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Family Saturday

Linda and Rob came for lunch yesterday - and told us they are now engaged!  Which is wonderful.They are in the process of house buying and  looking forward to their new garden. Then Cousin Linda rang and she, and her daughter in law, and the shiny new granddaughter arrived.

We had a lovely day together - like old times when we used to meet up regularly at the houses of the twins.

Lunch was lasagne, salad, and garlic bread, followed by ice-cream.  And tea and biscuits for the later arrivals.

Time moves along...   new perspectives all the time. Once again I wonder what it will be like looking back from the perspective of a thousand years... and that first thousand years will be a momentous one.  It will see the resurrection of the dead - both "the righteous and the unrighteous".

I hope we are all there to see it.

The meeting this morning was so encouraging - and this week I hope to re-start my working with the young pioneer sisters.   I had a routine of field service before my accident - nearly a year ago now - and am only just beginning to re-establish it.

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