Thursday, 13 October 2016

A Visit from Dr.Who?

As I was making Captain Butterfly's sandwiches the other morning, he was busy making himself a flask of nice hot tea, so Autumn is well underway, and Winter is coming.  No problem. I love all the seasons. Its just how quickly they come and go these days.

Nute and Pen had a more difficult journey back than they had coming here, but they got back safely which is all that counts. Another thing about getting older is how fragile everyone and everything feels - how uncertain.

Jackie is back. Hurray!   We plan to see her on Saturday night for supper, IF I am ok. Don't want to share my cold around.  And Dan, my young publisher, has made it safely back from the States where he had a great time and did some networking.  And Jane came round yesterday morning to practise our talk for tonight -   I have asked Captain B to get me some throat lozenges...  hope I will get through it.

We were not able to visit Maggie as I dare not take my cold along there. She is so frail. And this involves so much coughing.

The Captain has just supervised my fortnightly arthritis jab.  "Get on with it!  Don't be such a wimp!" Its quite painful - but necessary.  I am hoping that Dr.Who's Tardis time machine never turns up in our flat, or the Captain might be tempted to hitch a lift back to Newcastle Uni in the Sixties and make a different and arthritis-free marital choice.

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