Friday, 28 October 2016

The March of the Toadstools

Sulphur Tuft, Hypholoma fasciculare
Picked up Jean on Wednesday, and we visited Maggie. She is definitely a bit brighter. I think they have got her eating properly, which is making a difference.   It was another beautiful Autumn afternoon.  Took Jean to the Opticians afterwards to get her new glasses.

It was foggy yesterday morning - the Channel and the Green took a while to appear again.  The Captain and Butterfly Mark were off chasing the fungi hordes - and I went out with one of the young pioneers in the afternoon.  I still haven't got back to the Field Service groups, except for Saturday. Oddly, this cold seems worse in the morning, I am hoarse and coughy.  Maybe next week.

But I did manage to get out Tuesday afternoon and move my magazine route along a bit...   had two very nice conversations with 2 ladies I have been calling on for ages.

The big bonfire has been built, ready for Saturday night, and the fairground attractions are arriving.   Jacks is coming over - first time we have seen her for ages! - and also John and Linda.  To watch the fireworks.

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