Saturday, 1 October 2016

Last Minute-ing

What with everything that has been going on this month and general tiredness...   I spent yesterday rushing frantically around trying to get my last few magazine route calls finished.  I have done them all bar 3.  I have an appointment to have tea and a chat with Sue this afternoon, and Col is taking me to the last 2 which are just beyond my driving comfort zone (due to shoulder and arm pain). We might go after we have taken Jerry round his supper - which will be leek and potato soup. It may depend on the weather.  It is alternating between torrential downpours and bright sunshine, with lovely blue skies at the moment.

Flu jabs done this morning - and the internet is terrifying me with tales of what is actually in them. What to do? But Captain B has made up my mind for me, thank goodness. We are having them. Full stop.

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