Sunday, 10 July 2016

A Carnival of Errors (that turned out well)

Went to the Broadcast at the Hall:

The story of the Witnesses from the Soviet era, then and now, is very moving. Its about 29 minutes in.

This was after a morning on the doors with Jean.  We had intended to go East, but found the road was being blocked off - roadworks? carnival? a bit of both? - so had to go in the opposite direction, where we both had some calls.  As Jean had not been expecting to do these, there was one number she didn't have with her. It was one of two doors - she knocked at the first and we were-re-directed to the second.

Now the lady at the second door, who Jean had had quite a chat with last time, was not interested and quite unfriendly.  But the first lady, having told us it was next door we were looking for and saying she was busy, actually had quite a long chat with us and took some literature. So we ended up at the right door after all!

Then it was a roast chicken dinner round at Jackie's - our second home.  And today it is the meeting and then we have been invited to a BBQ at Butterfly Mark's.  Its overcast and windy at the moment.

I was awake in the early hours Friday morning as I suddenly realised I had a load of invitations to the Convention at Brighton next weekend left. How was I going to place them? Worry worry.  I must have prayed about it, as I got some local territory and spent Friday afternoon placing loads.  I now only have two left and think I can find a home for both of them.

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