Monday, 18 July 2016

A Tired Blog

So exhausted after the first day of the Brighton Convention that I wasn't able to manage to see my own car with my own husband sitting in it when I got off the congregation bus.  He had to hoot and even then it took a while.

And every joint was aching.  So I gave Saturday a miss - just rested and rested and rested - and made it on Sunday.  The main problem is my "good" shoulder.  It had to to a lot of work hauling me up the stairs on Friday - lifts broken and we were making for the "Old Crocks and Crumblies" section at the top.

It is hurting so much now as I type, so I can say no more about what we learnt, and what we were reminded of, but will save that for the next blog, when, hopefully my arm will come back to me...

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